Best Bikes under Rs 80000 in India

Motorcycles or bikes were always popular in India as well as all over the world since they were invented. There is a certain section in the society for bike lovers and people who want to collect different and popular best bike under Rs 80000 in India altogether. This industry is going to expand much more in this modern world and due to success in sales altogether. The motorcycle industry is a trillion-dollar industry by the way with millions of bikes getting sold every day all over the world. 75% of this sales number is coming from the general bikes which people use for their daily work life routine balance. General bikes are mostly used for traveling to office, universities and other local areas.

Superbikes are a section which is mainly owned by bike lovers and which they use for long travels to hilly areas and tourist places. They like being traveling for 4 to 5 days on this model to popular tourist locations and enjoy the ride every time.

Currently, the bike industry has been dominated by the Indian motorcycle industry and the Japanese motorcycle industry all over the world. In terms of sales and market value, these brands are much farther than the supermodel bikes making companies like the American Harley Davidson which are very unique in their respective designs and working systems. In most of the Asian countries like India, China, Russia, Japan and other smaller capacity bikes like 300 cc are mostly in demand and gather huge sales every month. But previously like in the era of the 19th century the Harley-Davidson was most common in all the countries and they were the then-largest manufacturer worldwide. They used to manufacture and ship in more than 67 countries at that time which is still a huge achievement. Only the richest or royal people used to ride bikes and drive motor cars at that time.

In India when compared to all countries over the world is having a great obsession with motorbikes collection and riding. Almost every segment and age group of people are nowadays using it to go to universities, offices, and colleges in a quick time. The average car sales dropped this year but the average motorbike sales skyrocketed making a huge profit for both the Indian and Japanese manufacturing companies. Now let’s discuss some of the Largest Indian market’s bike manufacturing and selling organizations.

The largest bike manufacturing company in India is the Hero Moto Corp as well as all over the world. This year they expanded by over 12.4% more when compared over their previous year statistics and sales. One of the most famous models noticeable from this company is the Splendor, the world’s most fuel-saving motor which has a sales mark of 10.5 million alone in India to date.

The average mileage of Splendor iSmart can go up to 105 Kilometer per liter. Nowadays the most vital competitor of this company in the market is Honda motorbikes of Japan. Both the companies used to work in combination from 1984 but due to some internal issues, the companies became divided in 2010. Honda motors and scooters are therefore well known in every Indian house as they sell more than 2 to 3 lakh units per month. The latest launch of this company is the dream Yuga and Neo from which they will capture the Indian market once again. The other most successful companies in India in a particular sector are the Bajaj Auto, India Yamaha motors and the TVS motors. There are about 20+ different bike manufacturers operating in India but the most successful ones are these mentioned top five. Other top brands are Suzuki India, Royal Enfield, Ducati India, Kawasaki India, Jawa India which is a partner with Mahindra, Aprilia India, KTM India which is a partner with Bajaj, BMW India which is a partner with TVS, Triumph and many others.

Bajaj Auto has some superbikes manufactured within its section which are KTM Duke and Kawasaki Ninja series ones. By the way, all the auto-rickshaws which are running on the Indian streets have been produced by Bajaj. Whereas Yamaha motors have about 5% of the bike market captured along with 8% of the scooter’s market. This company’s most popular models are R15, Fazer, SZ-X, FZ16, SS 125, YBR 125, YBR 110, and Crux. They are soon to launch a supermodel motor YZF-R1M and R1 which have a price tag of about 29 to 31 lakhs. Just below all the popular models have been mentioned accurately from respective companies below the particular budget.

These are the best bikes/motorcycles under Rs 80000 which has top sales in India

1. TVS Apache RTR 160 – Best Bike under Rs 80000 in India

TVS Apache RTR 160

This Motorcycle model is our personal favorite decided by the News thrive team. The durability and reliability that it offers through the interior system and exterior hardware are awesome. The look and design are too great if someone wants to show off in front of their friends, family, and relatives. One of the most popular and well-known models in India is this TVS Apache RTR 160 as many of the times several advertisements are noticeable online on television. It is generally available online in 6 to 7 color variants which are Matte blue, matte red, red, blue, white and black. It can be purchased both online and offline through thousands of showrooms available in almost every sector and city of the country. The price is about Rs 2000 more or less as noticeable in different areas and sectors due to extra transportation, service costs, and taxes. Now we will be mentioning the top class features and specifications which makes it better than the competitive market.

The Single Channel Super Moto ABS fitted here has been tested 10000 times in the research lab to perform smoothly on the various tracks. This developed precise system is completely secure and no need to think about braking and cornering anymore. Both of them work with razor sharpness and accuracy. A squared design engine technology has been used here which can work seamlessly with high pickups and with blistering torque. It can even handle high top speedups. The stiff chassis comes fully synchronized for providing tight control over steep corners and blazing fast speeds. It also provides sharp stiffness while cornering proposition too. Both the front and rear suspensions are designed with utmost care and responsibility. The Rear end comes with monotube inverted gas filled with 5 step adjustable shocks and rectangular swing arm. While the front end has been developed telescopic oil dumped in nature. The riding position is another factor which is responsible for the sales and has been designed very accurately. The correct position provides easy access to brake pedal and gears along with a tight clip on clutches and handles.

Other important factors for the sales are the Style and design which should be looking perfect and cool while riding on the roads. Like the headlamps are completely beast inspired and provide a strong beam of light to watch everything clearly even in the dark. The engine cowl is too built with aerodynamic razored design. The LED tail lamps are manufactured precisely so that they are clearly visible from the backside even from long distances. This aerodynamically designed tank cowl lowers the average engine heat by 10-degree Celsius even in intense temperatures. The display on the front is digital with a countdown and other speedometer ratings easily visible. On the other hand, the tank scoops provide easy inflow and outflow of air. The advanced petal disc brakes are long-lasting with 270 mm of the disc on the front and 200 mm of the disc on the back. The remora tires can run from 6 to 7 years and still providing intense grip with great acceleration and tight brakes.

  • According to TVS motors, this Apache 160 can easily give a mileage of 60-kilometers per liter
  • With the Max engine output of 11.12 KW and 8300 RPM, it is a complete value for money
  • With a 4 stroke, single cylinder and carburetor engine of UCLA BS-26 it can deliver 15.2 BPH of max power
  • The LED tail lights with frames are well designed and eye attractive
  • Front and rear brakes are of 270 mm and 200 mm respectively with Single Channel Super-Moto ABS
  • Size of the rear tire is 110/80-17 57P Tubeless and the front tire is 90/90-17-49P Tubeless
  • The pickup strength is really strong along with throttle response
  • The display console at the front comes with digital and Analogue Speedometer
  • Available at the showroom and online booking website in 6 different premium variants
  • The entire design is crafted like a Superbike but the handling is average at high range speeds
  • At above the speed of 120 KMPL vibrations can slightly occur especially at highways
  • Not at all recommended for rash driving or moto racing fever
  • Awarded as one of the ruling models among the 160 cc segment competitors


2. Bajaj Pulsar 150 – The Most stylish icon of the year

Bajaj Pulsar 150 -

Now here comes the well designed most stylish model of the year in the budget. Like the others, it is also available in 5 different color variants which are black, blue, red, black-red and black-blue. Pulsar has been a very popular and loved brand in India. This model has created a separate brand name in the country due to its aggressive pricing and outstanding features. The other home name which is provided to this model from the common people is the commuter’s bike. Bajaj Pulsar 150 can easily provide a mileage of 55 to 65-kilometer per liter even after 3 years of heavy usage. The design is quite muscular with a big tank at the front for gym lovers. The 150 cc of the 4-stroke engine (Twin Spark DTS-i BS-IV) generates a maximum power of 14 PS at 8000 RPM which is enough to provide high pick up every time. It also generates a maximum torque of 13.4 Nm at 6000 RPM. This model’s performance is so good as it has some patented technologies for itself like DTS-i and ExhausTEC which makes the system different from others.

The comfort level of the customer while seating is always taken care of by the company that is an efficient part of sustaining the brand value. With the smooth suspension, seating position at upright and contoured seat made of premium material along with 43 cm of alloy wheels the comfort has been maximized. The anti-friction brushes with telescopic front forks, 5 step adjustable Nitrox and rear shock absorbers everything becomes to easy to operate. Top-quality safety has been maintained with 1320 mm wheelbase and tubeless tires. Also, the 12 volt of DC headlamp provides a light beam to a long-distance and light-sensitive digital cockpit that gives the boost. For improving the overall style, instrument cluster graphics and carbon fiber accents have been attached.

  • On test drives, it gave an average mileage of 65-kilometers per liter which is ARAI certified
  • A new black color has been launched which comes with alloy wheels
  • It provides a maximum power of 14 PS at 8000 RPM
  • It provides a maximum torque of 13 Nm at 6000 RPM
  • With patented technologies of 2 valve, 4 strokes, DTS-i, ExhausTEC engine the performance is great
  • The entire display with speedometer, trip meter, and fuel check is digital like superbikes
  • Basically built for a budget-friendly audience with capacity 150 cc
  • The maintenance cost is extremely low and picks up range is fast
  • Like all the others mentioned above, it also comes with ABS (Anti-locking braking system)
  • Not recommended for high-speed driving or racing
  • If the speed pulls up above 120 KMPL the handling can quite start shaking
  • Engine refinement is not so good as compared to others
  • After 3 to 4 years the maintenance cost can quite increase and can need replacements of some parts


3. Hero Moto Corp. New Glamour 125 – Most Selling Bike of India

New Glamour 125

The most selling and common bike in India is the Hero Glamour which can be noticeable everywhere and in each corner while you take a walk. Currently, it is present in the Hero showrooms and their online website in only 4 color combinations which are black with blue, black with red, black with orange and black with grey. The 125 cc of capacity, design which is completely muscular and stylish graphics makes it stand out from the crowd competition. Their latest i3S system with idle, start and stop makes their technology much more excellent. On the other hand, the digital-analog meters, both wider tires on the front and rear with LED tail lamps for eye attraction make the bike model safer and smoother for common Indian people. As we have discussed earlier that this company is the world’s leading 2 wheeler manufacturer in the world where New Glamour is playing an awesome role in the sales contribution.

Now let us discuss the engine type which is a 4 stroke single cylinder with OHC and air cooler. It provides a maximum power of 8.5 kW (11.4 bhp) @ 7500 RPM and has a maximum torque of 11 Nm @ 6500 RPM. The fuel system is Carburetor – CV Type with the ignition of the Digital DC CDI Ignition system – AMI. The starting system is fully self start with just a click of the button. The chassis is Semi-double classic type and gearbox is 4-speed constant mesh with a wet multi-plate clutch. For suspension 5-step adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers are used at the rear end and Telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers at the front end. For making the safety system more secure and strong, both the front and rear brake drums are 130 mm with a front brake disc of 240 mm. Thirdly, wider tubeless tires have been used here which have a specification of Front 80 / 100 – 18 47P and Rear 90 / 90 – 18 51P. Lastly, the fuel tank is 11 liters with a reserve of 1.4 liters.

  • The most selling model in the whole of India, what else do you want
  • To ensure safety and superior grip on the roads of India wider rear tires are equipped
  • To support long and comfortable rides all over, the design is completely muscular and sports type
  • Loved by the people due to its smooth ride and handling steep slopes techniques with 125 cc strong engine
  • The Ultra quick start and stop system of i3S technology saves a lot of petrol for the budget Indian people
  • To make the rear end lights fully visible LED tail lights has been equipped
  • 4 stroke single cylinder 125 cc engine with Max power of 8.5 kW (11.4 bhp) at 7500 RPM and max torque of 11 Nm at 6500 RPM
  • Recommended as the best option for a common office or business working people
  • The cons of this model are very little to discuss here
  • Needs maintenance after 5 to 6 years of continuous usage
  • Not recommended for rough driving on the highways or racing with friends


4. New Yamaha SZ-RR V 2.0

New Yamaha SZ-RR V 2.0

Now here comes one of the most successful 2 wheeler manufacturing brands in the country. They are having a wide range of best bikes under Rs 80000 but our most favorite pick is the New Yamaha SZ-RR V 2.0 which can easily adjust in any common working Indian person budget. The entire design is built based on the actual activities of a predator. This time they have completely changed their color and style configurations and designed a fully new model for the Indian audience. With their new generation engine research, they have developed a system that is capable of providing 11% more fuel-efficient than its previously launched models. With its ideal blue core design, the company has worked a lot in improving the riding and seating comfortability. One of the most powerful engines in this price range with 4 strokes, an air-cooled single-cylinder engine with SOHC of 149 cc capacity. It has a Max power of 11.9 bhp at 7,500 RPM and max torque of 12.8 Nm at 6,000 RPM. This will always make sure that the customers buying it remains satisfied with their purchase. The rear suspension of single coil spring and long stroke of 100 mm makes riding on steep slopes very smooth.

  • Full aggressive and stylish graphic design with a 3D emblem on the air scoop surface of brand SZ
  • The grab bars at the rear end of the seat is made of die-cast aluminum to provide support to the people at the rear seat
  • Watching the request of the previous buyer’s petrol tank capacity have been increased to 14 liters for longer rides
  • The disc brake is much longer and advanced in size with 245 mm disc which increases the stopping potential of the model
  • Max power of 11.9 bhp at 7500 RPM and max torque of 12.8 Nm at 6,000 RPM keeps the engine very strong and durable
  • Comfortable seating with New blue core technology increase the mileage range compared to previous models
  • The tail light looks like a bulb which may hamper the overall design
  • The full analog meter console may not be liked by a particular section
  • The overall mileage of 50 KMPL which is certified by ARAI is lower when compared to others in the same price range
  • The handling is average and can shake a little while on high speeds


5. All New Honda X-Blade – New Model Launched

Honda X Blade -

The latest released with advanced technology model is this New Honda X-Blade with 160 ccs capacity powerful engine this time. Offering 160 cc bike models at this price range is a great achievement and the company has already started seeing the increase in sales in the Indian market lately. The muffler at the back comes with a dual outlet technology to release burned fuel gas easily outside. The tank design is completely different from the previous models and comes aggressively sculpted. It also has the first-ever designed Robo faced headlamp at the front to light up roads to longer distances. The mono-shock suspension technology, on the other hand, provides superior handling and stability. Like the above-mentioned models here also the rear tires are relatively wider in area of 130 mm for a more tighter grip on steep roads. A razor-edged designed has been crafted on the LED tail lamp which is eye-catching and the person behind can easily notice it. The grab rail at the back is full groovy designed to provide intense support to the back-seaters. The petal disc brake with ABS system makes the model more safe and secure.

  • The engine is super refined and gives excellent performance while riding
  • The seal is fully low maintenance and increases the long life of chain respectively
  • For stylish design, it has robot headlamp, aggressive sculpted tank and rim stripes that match body-color
  • Sharp razor design has been provided to the back LED tail lights to make it eye-catching for motors behind
  • The single-cylinder air-cooled engine of 160 ccs provides max power of 13.93 bhp at 8,500 RPM and max torque of 13.9 Nm at 6,000 RPM
  • Both Kick & Self Start are present to make it easy for the customer to start in two ways
  • Almost like the others the tubeless tires and comfortable seating position makes it complete
  • After 5 to 6 years of continuous usage, the maintenance cost can increase relatively
  • The petal disc brake has been provided with ABS but no rear disc brake is there
  • A little security and safety is there while riding with high speeds and sudden braking system



Almost all the best bikes under 80000 in India 2019 mentioned here are relatively excellent in performance and are one of the best to purchase when compared to others in the whole Indian market. We have described in detail almost each and everything here which includes the quick summary and overview of the best bikes under Rs 80000, complete specifications along with their pros and cons. All the above details can make a person easily decide their priority for the purchase and help them select the best and safest model which can be long-lasting without maintenance issues. We will be publishing our next articles very soon which be focussed to describe the best bikes under 60000, 70000, 1 lakh, 1.5 lakhs and 2 lakhs in India. Must comment if any of the wrong information is noticed above.

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