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144Hz Laptops

Laptops with 144Hz Screens and High Refresh Rates

For decades the screens of the laptops were standard 60 Hz panel and the response time ranges in 20-40 ms so to put it in clear words the content was refreshed 60 times a second when it is displayed. Sometimes it delays on time when the frame was rendered on GPU. There are various problems involved in the 60 Hz

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Computers & Accessories

Best Gaming PC Build under Rs 60000 in India

Many laptops and PCs are available in the market but no one is specifically built to give gamers a powerful all in one gaming experience. The best possible way to enjoy a powerful gaming experience would be building a gaming pc under 60000 through yourself. This is the best suggestion from Tech experts all over the world. The multinational computer

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best bikes under 80000

Best Bikes under Rs 80000 in India

Motorcycles or bikes were always popular in India as well as all over the world since they were invented. There is a certain section in the society for bike lovers and people who want to collect different and popular best bike under Rs 80000 in India altogether. This industry is going to expand much more in this modern world and

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DSLR Camera under 50000
Cameras & Photography

Best DSLR Cameras under Rs 50000 in India [Experts Guide]

If you are fond of photography, you are passionate about photography, are you looking to make a career in it? So buying a DSLR camera with the right option will not be easy for you. When you see a career in it, you have to keep several factors in mind before buying a high-quality DSLR camera. With the DSLR camera,

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best air fryer 10000
Home Appliances

Best Air Fryer under Rs 10000 in India

Air coolers – A term mostly used in summers. Basically, an air cooler is a device that works as a heat exchanger. The main task of air coolers is to cool or dehumidify the air. Many people must be thinking, how does this happen, right? Well, this happens because of Brine which is a mixture of water with glycol. This

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How to choose gaming laptop

How to Choose a Gaming Laptop

Are you looking for the perfect gaming laptop to increase your fun on gaming? Well, picking a good gaming laptop just gives you a lot more fun and excitement compared to before. When you start looking for the best gaming laptops there is N’ number of collections in the market and each has its specifications that attract you in one

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